Travertine Pavers

Travertine Pavers Explained

Travertine, a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, has a long history of practical and aesthetic qualities. As a building material, it’s use dates back to earliest recorded history. In fact, travertine was used by Egyptian stone masons in 3200 BC. 

As a testament to its practical uses, travertine today remains one of the most frequently used stones in modern architecture for façades, wall cladding and flooring.

Classic Beauty

When it comes to exterior uses such as patios, decks and walkways, travertine pavers are among the most popular and widely used pavers in the world. 

Because travertine pavers are actually made of natural stone, they allow for a more “connected to nature and the earth” feeling than other pavers. 

Travertine naturally occurs in white, cream, tan, brown and even reddish or rusty varieties. And because it can swirl several colors in a single tile, it’s an especially attractive choice for those seeking an economical solution offering the classic beauty of marble.

Someone once said that travertine can express every possible aesthetic preference. Surely there are travertine pavers that will provide the classic beauty you are seeking.

Unique Surface

The surface texture of travertine pavers appears smooth, and sometimes almost glossy. But something about the ancient limestone surface provides unique non-slip qualities when it’s wet. In fact, these pavers are known as “slip resistant” when they’re wet – an advantage when kids are scampering around or seniors aren’t too sure on their feet. 

Travertine pavers are also an attractive solution for patios and pool decks because they don’t retain the heat of the sun. This is a definite advantage for bare feet around the pool.

Durable and Easily Repaired

Travertine pavers are durable under all types of weather conditions, especially the hot sun and heavy rains of Florida. As is the case with many other pavers, an ‘injured’  travertine paver can quickly and easily and inexpensively be repaired or replaced.

The Natural Elements Advantage

Travertine is a good choice for consideration for your driveway, patio, walkways or any outdoor hardscaping project you have in mind. And Natural Elements is here to help you design and realize your dream.