Overlay or Thin Pavers

Thin Pavers Explained

Thin pavers are “thin” because they are used as a veneer over top of existing concrete or other flat, structurally sound hardscape. Thin pavers are a much less expensive alternative to totally replacing a concrete deck or patio. 

Another advantage is how fantastic they look!

Pavers are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, patterns and textures, offering endless design possibilities.

In other words, thin pavers offer an amazingly fast and easy improvement over drab old concrete!

Durable & Low Maintenance

A stained and cracked patio or pool deck can be transformed almost overnight into a colorful, eye-appealing traffic-stopper for much less than the cost of tearing up and replacing all that old concrete.

And a paver makeover offers more than a colorful and eye-appealing solution to old concrete. 

Pavers already enjoy an incredible popularity because they also provide such an economic, long-lasting solution, as well as the aesthetic advantage. 

Thin pavers, which can be made from concrete, ceramics or natural stone, are very low maintenance and outlast concrete by years. They resist all sorts of cracking, chipping and staining, and when one is damaged (which is rare) it’s easily replaced – leaving no evidence of the mishap!