Shell Lock Pavers

Shell Lock Pavers Explained

Shell Lock pavers are made of a combination of crushed sea shells that offer a cooler surface temperature than regular brick pavers. 

Shell pavers are manufactured using real sea shells, and the finish paver shows actual shells and shell fragments that provide a real “beach feel and look.”

A pool deck or patio made of shell lock pavers really suggests sunshine and the great outdoors – especially here in Florida.

Various color options are available, mostly in the grays, beiges, ivories and tans. With all the time that Floridians spend around the pool and on the patio, these are just right for uniquely creative, one-of-a-kind beach-like designs.

Durable & Easy to Maintain

Shell pavers offer a perfect solution for patios and pool decks, because they resist water and weather extremes very well. They also incorporate all the valued durability and ease of maintenance of all integrated pavers – no cracking or sagging like concrete.